Monday, JUNE 22, 2:00-5:30 EST

State of the Industry from Bar & Restaurant- 
In this session, we'll look at how our business has been drastically affected over the last three months and how we can collectively pull together to request the support our hospitality industry needs.


  • Jeremiah Batucan, Bar & Restaurant

Reviving the Bar & Restaurant Industry- Learn how the top operators are relaunching and refocusing on profitability regardless of the environment. Led by world-renowned coach and mentor, Sean Finter shares these principles that elite owners and operators are taking to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Sean Finter, Barmetrix

Reimagining Your Brand in a Rapidly Changing World- As restaurant and bar operations resume, operators must shift from a temporary, survival mindset and begin creating entirely new guest experiences.  This brings a new set of challenges and opportunities for hospitality marketers. This session will explore ways that brands can reach guests and capitalize on new revenue streams with creativity and authenticity.


  • Candace MacDonald, Carbonate

Creating New Opportunities with Tech- VenueGPS is lead by entrepreneur Conn Morey that is building tech to help operations adopt technology faster and easier. Here how operations can invest and scale quickly in an ever-increasing digital world.
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  • Conn Morey, VenueGPS

Lessons from World's Best Bar In World's Worst Hit Area- Dante is ranked #1 on the "Worlds 50 Best Bar" list and is also located directly in the epicenter of the coronavirus that is New York City. Facing unprecedented challenges didn't stop Linden and his team from continuing their world-class hospitality offerings and becoming a beacon of hope for their community.


  • Linden Pride, Dante

Why Loyalty Marketing is More Important Than Ever- Hear from Phil Sitter, founder and CEO of VIPinsiders, how they are helping operations drive repeat traffic and democratizing loyalty programs so any bar or restaurant can now truly own their audience. Don't miss how to take your restaurant marketing to the next level with this powerful mobile platform. 
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  • Phil Sitter, VIPinsiders

Virtual Happy Hour, Sponsored by Truly Hard SeltzerHear the story of how Casey O'Neill created Truly Hard Seltzer as a side project and turned it into the rocketship it is today. Mixologist Doug Draper and Adam Bagwell will then showcase the versatility of Truly Hard Seltzer with easy drink recipes to help any bar program elevate their game.


  • Casey O'Neill, Truly Hard Seltzer
  • Doug Draper, DNA Hospitality
  • Adam Bagwell, DNA Hospitality



Tuesday, JUNE 23, 2:00-5:30 EST


Moving Forward- from Bar & Restaurant- Hear a quick recap of the top lessons from yesterday's call and a preview of the topics and conversations planned for Day 2.


  • Jeremiah Batucan, Bar & Restaurant

The 'New' Guest Experience for Hospitality


  • Kyle Noonan, FreeRange Concepts

Alcohol Delivery Best Practices with Queen's Park- U.S. Bartender of the Year, Laura Newman, and her fellow co-founder and owner of Queen's Park, will walk through how they started their beverage to-go program in one of the strictest states in the country. Don't miss these lessons on how to creating an additional revenue stream that is profitable and manageable.


  • Laura Newman, Queen's Park
  • Larry "Mudd" Townley, Queen's Park

Raise the Bar- Adaptation to the New On-Premise Landscape- On-Premise Sr. Director Scott Hempstead will walk attendees through some of the top trends being seen on-premise as well as how operations can adapt and satisfy guest in this new 'abnormal'.
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  • Scott Hempstead, Boston Beer

Bar Revival- Building A More Unbreakable Industry- This rapid-fire panel will discuss critical points the industry is facing and how we can address them in a way that helps re-create it stronger than before. Each speaker will offer their plan of attack through their unique lens on how they are focusing on revenue, improvements, and culture.

  • Tobin Ellis, Barmagic
  • Anjali Kundra, Partender
  • Orcun Turkay, AC Hotels by Marriott
  • Rhonda Cammon, Perfectly Cordial + Swig Culture

Virtual Happy Hour, Sponsored by Durty Gurl Cocktail MixersBeverage menus will have to change as we welcome guests back. Profitability will be the key component and Durty Gurl mixologists will showcase how to offer drinks that offset labor and product costs without sacrificing quality.

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