Learn from these experts

Finter headshot

Sean Finter
Barmetrix, Founder & CEO

Noonan headshot

Kyle Noonan
FreeRange Concepts, Founder & CEO

Laura Newman

Laura Newman
Queen's Park, Bar Manager & Owner

Conn Morey headshot

Conn Morey
VenueGPS, Founder and CEO

Candace MacDonald

Candace MacDonald
Carbonate, Co-Founder

Larry Townley

Larry "Mudd" Townley
Queen's Park, General Manager & Owner


Tobin Ellis

Tobin Ellis
Barmagic, Principal

Phil Sitter

Phil Sitter
VIPInsiders, Founder & CEO


Jeremiah Batucan
Bar & Restaurant, Conference Director

Scott Hempstead

Scott Hempstead
Boston Beer, Senior Director On-Premise

Casey O'Neill

Casey O'Neill
Boston Beer, Senior Product Development Manager and creator of Truly Hard Seltzer

Anjali Kundra

Anjali Kundra
Partender, Cofounder & VP


Orcun Turkay
AC Hotels by Marriott

Rhonda headshot

Rhonda Cammon
Perfectly Cordial + Barseat, Owner and Creator and Co-Creator SWIG Culture Conference


Amanda Collins
Brand Manager & Graphic Designer, Durty Gurl Cocktail Mixers


Erica Langsam
Digital Media Manager & Mixologist, Durty Gurl Cocktail Mixers